Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Land Assistance Fund

Cooperative Links Page

U.S. Cooperative Organizations
Cooperative Development Foundation  www.coopdevelopment.coop
National Cooperative Business Association www.ncba.coop
Cooperative Business International  www.cbi-global.com/index.htm
Touchstone Energy    www.touchstoneenery.coop
National Cooperative Bank    www.ncb.coop
National Council of Farmer Cooperatives www.ncfc.org
1st Rochdale Cooperative    www.1strochdale.coop
Alabama Farmers Cooperative   www.alafarm.com
Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives  www.wfcmac.org
National Rural Telecom Cooperative  www.nrtc.org
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association www.nreca.org

U.S. Credit Unions
Credit Union National Association (CUNA) www.cuna.org
World Council of Credit Unions   www.woccu.org
National Association of Community Development Credit Unions  www.natfed.org/public/pages/index.cfm?pageid=1

International Cooperative Organizations/Programs
Mondragon Cooperative Corporation in Basque, Spain  www.mcc.es
St. Francis University, Antigonish Nova Scotia, Canada  www.stfx.ca/calendar/98-99/intro.html
Cooperative Produce and Marketing Society in Nigeria  www.stfx.ca/institutes/ccbm/text/Papers/JoshuaAmoo.html
Canadian Cooperative Association  www.coopcca.com
Clusa International Program  www.ncba.org/clusa.cfm

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