Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Land Assistance Fund

Articles by Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Ph.D

Below are articles about the history of and contemporrary African American cooperative economic development by Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Ph.D. The article enrtitled "The Non-Traditional Analysis of Co-operative Economic Impacts" focuses on the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund and its impact in the rural southeast in sucessfully sustaining communities through cooperative economic development. In these articles Dr. Nembhard shares the breadth of the history of African American cooperative development in the United States. She offers concrete examples of cooperative initiatives resulting in community economic empowerment and sustainability.
Jessica Gordon Nembhardt
Biographical Information

Non-Traditional Analyses of Co-operative Economic Impacts:
Preliminary Indicators and a Case Study

Review of International Co-operation Vol. 97, No. 1 2004, pp. 6-21.

Principles and Strategies for Reconstruction: Models of African American Community-Based Cooperatives Economic Development
Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy Vol. 12 May 2006.

Cooperative Ownership in the Struggle for African American Economic Empowerment
Humanity & Society Vol. 28, No. 3 (August 2004), 298-321.

Black Co-ops
Prepared for the Babson-Equal Exchange Cooperative Curriculum (2012).

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