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December 5, 2012
John Zippert Inducted into Tuskegee's George Washington Carver Hall of Fame
An acknowledgement of decades of serving disadvantaged  communities in the rural South   

February 27, 2012
Black Farmer Lawsuit Against The USDA Progresses
"Network Of Black Farm Groups And Advocates" Expresses Concern About Misinformation Circulating Around The South About The Lawsuit

February 27, 2012
Black Farmer Lawsuit Against The USDA Progresses
"Network Of Black Farm Groups And Advocates" Expresses Concern About Misinformation Circulating Around The South About The Lawsuit

November 9, 2011
Black Farmer Discrimination Case Against USDA Approved by Court
Judge Friedman in the US District Court in Washington DC Approves the Black Farmer Settlement on October 27, 2011

June 29, 2011
Update on the Pigford II Lawsuit

May 18, 2011
Update on relief efforts to assist victims of Tornadoes in West Alabama

May 12, 2011
Tornadoes strike the Federation Training Center and surrounding rural communities
Relief efforts are in process...You can help •
Tornado Relief Fact Sheet

November 19, 2010
Senate Passes Black Farmer Lawsuit Legislation

July 21, 2010
The Federation Sends Letter to USDA Secretary Vilsack
Regarding Sherrod Resignation

September 24, 2009
The Federation’s Shirley Sherrod Heads USDA's Rural Development in Georgia
Sherrod is the first African American to hold this position in G

July 13 2009
Federation’s Field Director Visits Self-Help Groups in India
Cornelius Blanding Assesses International Economic Development Projects

May 26, 2009
Melbah Smith Inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame in May 2009

May 4, 2009
Fact Sheet on Black Farmer Class Action Law Suit

April 24, 2009
USDA's Historic Actions to Assist Minority Farmers

By Ralph Paige

April 23, 2009
Black Farmer Lawsuit Creates An Emerging Industry
April 28th protest against USDA is counter productive and self-serving

By Jerry Pennick

April 23, 2009
USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack Issues Historic Directives to Address Civil Rights Problems at the USDA
The Secretary calls for a Moratorium on Foreclosures against Farmers

April 20, 2009
Helen Fields Graduates from the Small Farmer Agriculture Leadership Institute

January 12, 2009
"Final Report of the International Conference on Racism and Globalization Held in 2008"
The Conference Unanimously Adopted the Declaration Below on Globalization

November 20, 2008
"A Failure to Deliver: Reflections on the Government Accounting Office’s (GAO) Report on the USDA’s Office of Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights"

October 2, 2008
"Attorney J.L. Chestnut Will Be Missed" The Country Has Lost One Of It’s Most Profound Civil Rights Warriors

September 26 , 2008
"Federation/LAF Farmers and Staff attend the 2008 Farm Aid Concert"
Farmers from Mississippi and Georgia Join others in Boston for Farm Aid

September 17 , 2008
"Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund Holds 41st Anniversary" Secretary of Agriculture address Federation membership at Annual Meeting in Epes

September 9 , 2008
"Next Phase of the Black Farmer Lawsuit Process Begins with Sessions Across the South" Hundreds attend Eutaw meeting on Black Farmers Lawsuit

August 11 , 2008
"USDA Agriculture Secretary Edward Schafer to Address Federation/LAF Membership on August 15, 2008 "

July 17 , 2008
"Civil Rights Icon John Lewis To Be Honored At The Federation of Southern Cooperatives 41st Celebration in Birmingham"

June 25 , 2008
International Conference on Racism and Globalization" An historic conference to address racism and the global economy

June 12 , 2008
The New Farm Bill is a Small Step in the Right Direction" The Bill Offers Opportunities for Smalll Farmers

June 3 , 2008
"Complaint Filed to Create a New Class Action Law Suit for Black Farmers" Thousands of Farmers Might Finally be Offered Some Relief

May 20 , 2008
"Equal Voice for America's Families" A Diverse Gathering in Albany, Georgia to Share Problemtic Issues in the Rural South

May 2 , 2008
"Challenges in the Black Farmer Lawsuit Now Addressed in Congress"Alabama Civil Rights Attorney Rose Sanders Explores issues in the Legislation

April 23, 2008
"The Federation/LAF’s Housing Work and Assistance to Katrina Victims" - An interview with housing advocate Carrie Fulghum

April 2, 2008
"An Interview with Cornelius Blanding:" - The New Field Director of the Federation/LAF

February 15, 2008
"Federation/LAF Offers Assistance to Farmers in the Virgin Islands"- Virgin Island Farmers Break Ground on Revitalization Project

February 1, 2008
"Wisconsin Future Farmers of America Visit Federation of Southern Cooperatives

November 2 , 2007
"Youth Attend National National Summit on Agricultural Life in Iowa

September 10, 2007
The Federation/LAF's 40 Anniversary Celebration in August 2007

September 10, 2007
"Federation/LAF Membership Passes Resolution on 2007 Farm Bill"

July 31, 2007
"Federation/LAF Food Give-Away in Birmingham" - 40th Anniversary Celebration Initiative

May 23, 2007
"Albany Civil Rights Institute Opens Exhibit On Black Farmers in America
The Federation of Southen Cooperatives Collaborates on "Distant Echoes: Black Farmers in America

May 11, 2007
"The Federation/LAF Celebrates 40 Years in August 2007" - Honoring Tavis Smiley and Hank Sanders

April 12, 2007
Farmer Ben Burkett Describes The Ideal Marketing Cooperative

March 12 , 2007
Federation/LAF Launches "Recipe of the Week" Initiative - Supporting small farmers and local production - it' s the only way!!!!

February 27, 2007
"Cooperative Support for New Post-Katrina Fishing Co-op in Louisiana" - Hurricane ravished fishermen regroup as a cooperative

February 19, 2007
"Federation/LAF's Cornelius Blanding Selected as a Fellow of Emerging Leaders Program"- The program bridges American and African values and principles

February 15, 2007
"Inspiring Histories of Two Black & White Civil Rights Heroes in Alabama" - The Federation/LAF's John Zippert Shares These Meaningful Accounts

December 1, 2006
"Ensure that Farmers have Fair Living Wage
" by Jerry Pennick and Heather Gray -Published in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution
May 23, 2006
Reverend Joseph Lowery and Mrs. Evelyn Lowery to be honored by the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/
Land Assistance Fund -
The Honorable Charlie Rangel (D-NY) to serve as the 2006 Event Chair

May 1, 2006
"South Carolina Black Farmer Impacts the Charleston Markets"
- Chemical Free Lettuce Mix Sold in Charleston Farmers Markets the Past 2 Weekends

March 28, 2006
"Anne Braden: A Tireless Advocate for Justice"

February 1, 2006
"The Federation/LAF Honors Coretta Scott King" - The world has lost a giant in the struggle for justice
September 15, 2005
"Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund's Katrina Relief & Recovery Program"
- The Work Required for Relief & Recovery in Rural Southern Communities is Immense

June 27, 2005
'Enhancing the Skills & Income of Southern Farmers and Rural Communities"
- The Federation/LAF collaborates to offer needed information in the rural South

June 22, 2005
"Enhancing the Skills & Income of Southern Farmers and Rural Communities"
- The Federation/LAF collaborates to offer needed information in the rural South
June 9, 2005
"Black Farmer Organizations Call for a Moratorium on Foreclosures"
May 10, 2005
"The Arts and Agriculture: Making a Statement about Food Safety"
March 22, 2005
"Southern Alternatives Agriculture Cooperative Prepares for the Future"
- Rural Black Women Plan for Expansion of Co-op Products
February 21, 2005
"The USDA To Unfairly End Injunctive Relief for Black Farmers"
- Injunctive relief to end in April 2005
February 21, 2005
"The Truth of the Pigford Lawsuit by Black Farmers Against the U.S. Department of Agriculture"
- Black farmers hear from Attorney J.L. Chestnut about their lawsuit
February 14, 2005
"Federation enhances handicapped assessibility at its Rural Training and Research Center'
December 28, 2004
"CUBA  SI:  Reporting on an Agriculture Tour of Cuba"
September 9, 2004
"Black Farmer Organization Passes Resolution for Corrective Action in the Pigford V. Veneman Black Farmer Lawsuit"
June 21, 2004
"The Emerging Markets Program of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund Honored with Regional Innovator Award"
May 27, 2004
"Ralph Paige Inducted Into The 2004 Cooperative Hall Of Fame"
March 29, 2004
"Black Farm Group Acknowledged and Awarded in Louisville, Mississippi" - The first time Black farmers have been so honored in the county
March 8, 2004
"Black Leader To Be Honored For Using Cooperatives To Save Land And Promote A Better Way Of Life For Farmers And  Rural People"

Ralph Paige to be inducted into the 2004 "Cooperative Hall of Fame"
April 29, 2003
"Federation Establishes MOU with the USDA's Forestry Service" - Five Year MOU signed in March 2003
October 10, 2002
"A Step Toward Rectifying Discrimination With USDA" - Federation/LAF Staff Members Jerry Pennick And John Zippert Testify Before Congress
April 9, 2002
"Federation Study Reveals That The Larger the Acreage The More Likely Black Farmers Access USDA Programs"
Small Farmers are Generally Disadvantaged
September 5, 2001
"We Call For A New Farm Bill That Leaves No One Behind" - The Need for Equity on Food and Farm Policy is Now!!!! 
June 26, 2000
"Black Farmers Market Watermelon to Northeast Customers" 
In collaboration with Red Tomato, Federation/LAF engaged in "Fair Trade" practices to serve family farmers and customers
April 11, 2000
"When Programs Make A Positive Impact:"
Providing Technical Assistance To Black Farmers Leading To An Increase in Black Farmers
APRIL 3, 2000
"The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund's"

March 19, 2000
Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund Demands Just and Equitable Changes in U.S. Farm Policies And Black Farmer Consent Decree Implementation 
April 19, 2000
"US District Court Appoints Monitor in Black Farmer Law Suit"

Attorney Randi Roth of the Farmers' Legal Action Group Appointed as Monitor
October 9,1999
"A Call For Extension of Black Farmer Class Action Settlement"
Federation/LAF asks Judge Freidman to extend time for claims package requests and submissions
May 5,1999
Federation/LAF Forges Relationship With South African Farm Organization
This MOU is a step toward enhancing markets and other opportunities for Black farmers on both continents
April 23,1999
Federation/LAF Staffer Earnest Johnson Inducted Into The "Cooperative Hall of Fame"
Johnson's Work Is Hailed By U.S. Cooperative Community
April 22, 1999
"Judge Friedman Approves Black Farmer Settlement"

Black Farmers To Finally Receive Financial Relief After Years of Discrimination 
February 28, 1999
"The Coordinating Council of Black Farm Groups Sends Letter To U.S. District Court Judge Paul Friedman Prior to the March 2 Fairness Hearing On Class Action Suit Filed By Black Farmers"
The Coordinating Council Requests That Some Changes Be Made In The Consent Decree
February 3, 1999
"Black Farmers And Advocates Explore Marketing Issues, Farm Policies And The Class Action Suit Filed By Black Farmers Against The Government" - Federation of Southern Cooperatives Holds 16th Annual "Marketing & Farmers Conference" In Albany, Georgia Friday, February 12 & Saturday, February 13, 1999 
January 6, 1999
"Black Farmers Win Settlement With The Government"
  - Black Farmers To Finally Receive Financial Relief After Years Of Discrimination
October 30, 1998
"Black Farmers Face An Assortment Of Risks" - Technical Assistance On Risk Issues Provides Some Relief
October 9, 1998
"A Major And Historic Victory For Black Farmers: Today Black Farmers Are Designated As A Class By Judge Paul Friedman" 

Farmers Have Long Awaited This Class Designation By The Federal Courts
September 8, 1998
"Black Farmers To Pray In Washington On September 10 To Call For National Support In Their Struggle To Hold On To Their Land" 

The Federation/LAF calls for justice and a level playing field for Black farmers 
August 9, 1998
"BLACK OWNED LAND:  A Disappearing Community and National Resource"
July 15, 1998
"Presentation given by Ralph Paige, Executive Director of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, July 15, 1998, at the 89th NAACP Annual Convention plenary in Atlanta" - The Plight of African American Farmers & Black Land Loss
February 17, 1998
"Black Farmers Attend Civil Rights Town Hall Meeting At Federation/LAF 15th Annual Farmers Conference In Albany, Georgia" 

Attorney J.L. Chestnut Contends Two Black Farmer Class Action Suits Are In The Offing

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